Certified Key Account Executive® Program

The Certified Key Account Executive (CKAE®) Program helps key account executives and their electric co-ops construct and implement a winning key accounts management program or further strengthen a program already in place. The CKAE® Program assists co-op professionals in becoming proficient in conducting business and maintaining relationships crucial to success in a competitive business environment. Individuals who work directly with large-load customers are natural candidates for the CKAE® Program.

All CKAE® requirements must be completed within 24 months from the date you pass the CKAE® Exam.

The CKAE® Certificate is earned by completion of the following requirements:
Complete all of the courses below:

Key Accounts Management

Advanced Key Accounts Management

The Key Accounts Resource Workshop
Or Complete:
      CKAE® Fast Track (all three required courses in one week)


  • Make a Sales Presentation (evaluated)
  • Pass the CKAE® Examination (candidates must achieve at least 70 points on the sales presentation and written exam and have an overall score of at least 150 points to pass)
  • Submit and pass a Key Account Business Plan for your cooperative and a Member Marketing Plan for a key account customer
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