Board Leadership Certificate
This program offers more advanced courses for directors and can be attained after earning the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) Certificate. The certificate can be attained after earning the CCD and then completing a total of 10 credits from the 900-level courses listed below. Directors may attend Board Leadership Certificate (BLC) courses at any time but the certificate will not be awarded until the CCD program requirements are completed.
Courses currently being offered include:

901.1 Rules and Procedures for Effective Board Meetings

902.1 Understanding the Role of the Board Chair

903.1 The Role of the Board Chair in Conducting Effective Meetings

913.1 Cooperative Foundations: Co-op Legacy, Principles and Impact on Communities

914.1 Cooperative Communications and Public Opinion: The Director's Perspective

916.1 Getting Involved: The Director's Role in Shaping Policy

917.05 Creating a Political Action Plan

Risk Oversight - The Board's Role in Risk Management
New and Emerging Technologies: What Every Director Needs to Know

924.1 When Disaster Strikes - Continuity Management and Emergency Response Planning for Directors

925.1 Co-op Bylaws: Guiding Principles & Current Issues

929.1 Current Issues in Policy Development

930.1 Ethics and Governance: Implementing the New Accountability

933.1 The Fiduciary Duty of Director and Employee Officers

935.1 Appraising and Compensating the CEO

Management Search Fundamentals
Effective Boards: Why Some Succeed and Some Fail

939.1 Applying Governance Concepts To Real Boardroom Challenges

Under Scrutiny: The Board's Role in the Age of Consumer Activism and Transparency

Developing Effective Boardroom Decision Making

955.1 Your Board's Culture: Its Impact on Effectiveness

Crucial Conversations in the Boardroom
Understanding the New World of Power Supply

967.1 Fundamentals of Energy Risk Management for Directors

970.1 The Role of Renewables in Power Supply

972.1 Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Demand Response in Today's Cooperative

974.1 Rate Strategies for 21st Century Challenges

975.1 Capital Credits: Legal and Financial Issues

Courses in italics offered in October 2014
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