Board Leadership Certificate
For directors who have already completed the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) Certificate, the Board Leadership Certificate (BLC) is the next step in advancing the knowledge and experience directors need to govern their board effectively.

The BLC can be attained after earning the CCD and then completing a total of 10 credits from the 900-level courses listed below. Directors may attend BLC courses at any time, but the BLC will not be awarded until the CCD program requirements are completed. The credit value is indicated after the decimal point for each course. For example, course 951.2, provides two (2) credits.

Directors are free to enroll in any of the courses available in the BLC series. It is suggested that all directors complete five specific BLC courses—indicated with a single asterisk (*) in the list below—as part of the 10 credits needed to earn the BLC. These courses cover five subject areas important for every director: the purpose and value of the cooperative business model, bylaws, policy development, ethics, and political engagement. This recommendation does not imply a mandatory requirement and all directors remain free to choose from any of the available BLC courses to satisfy the 10 credits required for the BLC. Upon completion of the CCD certificate, directors will be recognized at the Regional Meetings.

The BLC courses are grouped into specialty areas. To ensure boards have a diverse set of knowledge and skills relevant to governing electric co-ops, directors are encouraged to ensure their board as a whole has exposure to each specialty area.
Courses currently being offered include:

Maximizing Your Grassroots Strategy*

Communicating the New Energy Landscape

The Power of Cooperatives

913.1 Cooperative Foundations: Co-op Legacy, Principles and Impact on Communities*

Rules and Procedures for Effective Board Meetings

903.1 The Role of the Board Chair in Conducting Effective Meetings

925.1 Co-op Bylaws: Guiding Principles & Current Issues*

929.1 Current Issues in Policy Development*

930.1 Ethics and Governance: Implementing the New Accountability*

935.1 Appraising and Compensating the CEO

Developing Effective Boardroom Decision Making

955.1 Your Board's Culture: Its Impact on Effectiveness

957.1 How to Evaluate and Improve Board Performance

958.1 Succession Planning: Developing the Purpose-Driven Organization

Rate Strategies for 21st Century Challenges

975.1 Capital Credits: Legal and Financial Issues

Cooperative Communications and Public Opinion: The Director's Perspective

956.1 Crucial Conversations in the Boardroom

Strategic Technologies and their Impact on Today's Cooperative

Risk Oversight - The Board's Role in Risk Management

924.1 When Disaster Strikes - Continuity Management and Emergency Response Planning for Directors

Courses in italics offered in August 2016
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