Training Program

Each year, PREA offers a variety of training courses to help directors and employees meet the challenges of leading their cooperatives into the future. Accessing the best practices of cooperatives and the industry, the programs deliver comprehensive training that addresses current and emerging industry and governance issues, while helping participants understand the roles, relationships and responsibilities of their positions.

The Director Certificate Programs are offered in three parts, taken in progression from fundamental to advanced:

1. The Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) Certificate
2. The Board Leadership Certificate (BLC)
3. Director Gold Program

The 2017 PREA Training Program consists of:
  • 3 Director Credentialed Cooperative Directors (CCD) Courses
  • 3 Director Leadership Courses
  • 4 Supervisor Courses
To see a description of all the Director Certificate Programs, PREA training dates and locations, and a list of course options being offered by PREA, please click below:

Other courses are available through NRECA. To see dates and locations of courses being offered by NRECA, log on to .
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